Apple Pie Restores 5 HP and 15 FP.
Cake Mix + Apple
Big Cookie Restores 20 FP.
Cake Mix + Egg

Cake Mix + Goomnut Cake Mix + Yellow Berry Cake Mix + Red Berry Cake Mix + Blue Berry

Bland Meal Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
Koopa Leaf + Goomnut

Koopa Leaf + Yellow Berry Koopa Leaf + Red Berry Koopa Leaf + Blue Berry Goomnut + Strange Leaf Iced Potato + Mushroom Iced Potato + Volt Shroom Iced Potato + Life Shroom Iced Potato + Super Shroom Iced Potato + Cake Mix Iced Potato + Egg Iced Potato + Coconut Fire Flower + Goomnut Fire Flower + Volt Shroom Fire Flower + Life Shroom Fire Flower + Super Shroom Fried Shroom + Potato Salad Egg + Mushroom Egg + Volt Shroom Egg + Life Shroom Egg + Super Shroom Egg + Dried Pasta Dried Pasta + Goomnut Dried Pasta + Coconut Dried Pasta + Volt Shroom Dried Pasta + Life Shroom Dried Pasta + Super Shroom Dried Pasta + Blue Berry Dried Pasta + Red Berry Dried Pasta + Yellow Berry

Boiled Egg Restores 8 HP and 8 FP.
Egg + Strange Leaf

Egg + Stinky Herb

Cake Restores 15 FP.
Cake Mix
Coco Pop Restores 3 HP and 15 FP.
Cake Mix + Coconut
Deluxe Feast Restores 40 HP and 40 FP.
Potato Salad + Shroom Steak

Whacka's Bump + Strange Leaf

Dizzy Dial Use in battle to make an enemy dizzy.
Strange Leaf

Strange Leaf + Volt Shroom Strange Leaf + Stinky Herb

Egg Missile Causes 6 HP of damage to an enemy in battle.
Egg + Fire Flower
Electro Pop Restores 15 HP and electrifies Mario.
Cake Mix + Volt Shroom
Fire Flower Fire attack to the enemy party.
Strange Fruit + Dried Leaf
Fire Pop Restores 20 FP, but takes away 1 HP.
Cake Mix + Fire Flower
Fried Egg Restores 10 HP.
Fried Shroom Restores 6 HP and 2 FP.

Super Shroom Dried Shroom Dried Shroom + Fire Flower Dried Shroom + Mushroom

Frozen Fries Restores 15 HP.
Iced Potato + Fire Flower
Healthy Juice Restores 40 FP.
Special Shake + Dried Shroom

Special Shake + Strange Leaf Special Shake + Stinky Herb

Honey Candy Restores 20 FP.
Cake Mix + Honey Syrup
Honey Shroom Restores 5 HP and 5 FP.
Mushroom + Honey Syrup
Honey Super Restores 10 HP and 5 FP.
Honey Syrup + Super Shroom

Honey Syrup + Volt Shroom Honey Syrup + Life Shroom

Honey Ultra Restores 50 HP and 5 FP.
Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup
Hot Shroom Restores 15 HP and 5 FP.
Volt Shroom

Mushroom + Fire Flower Mushroom + Super Shroom Mushroom + Volt Shroom Super Shroom + Volt Shroom Dried Shroom + Volt Shroom Dried Shroom + Super Shroom

Jelly Pop Restores 64 FP.
Cake Mix + Jammin' Jelly
Jelly Shroom Restores 5 HP and 50 FP.
Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly
Jelly Super Restores 10 HP and 50 FP.
Jammin' Jelly + Super Shroom

Jammin' Jelly + Volt Shroom Jammin' Jelly + Life Shroom

Jelly Ultra Restores 50 HP and 50 FP.
Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Kookie Cookie Restores 15 FP; makes Mario electric, transparent, or sleepy.
Cake Mix + Koopa Leaf

Cake Mix + Maple Syrup Cake Mix + Stinky Herb

Koopa Tea Restores 5 FP.
Koopa Leaf
Koopasta Restores 7 HP and 7 FP.
Dried Pasta + Koopa Leaf
Lemon Candy Restores 5 HP and 15 FP.
Cake Mix + Lemon
Life Shroom When Mario's HP reaches 0, it returns to 10 one time.
Koopa Leaf + Super Shroom

Koopa Leaf + Volt Shroom Koopa Leaf + Life Shroom Koopa Leaf + Ultra Shroom Goomnut + Mushroom Goomnut + Super Shroom Goomnut + Volt Shroom Goomnut + Life Shroom Goomnut + Ultra Shroom Strange Leaf + Mushroom Strange Leaf + Super Shroom Strange Leaf + Strange Leaf + Life Shroom Strange Leaf + Ultra Shroom

Lime Candy Restores 20 FP.
Cake Mix + Lime
Maple Shroom Restores 5 HP and 10 FP.
Mushroom + Maple Syrup
Maple Super Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
Maple Syrup + Super Shroom

Maple Syrup + Volt Shroom Maple Syrup + Life Shroom

Maple Ultra Restores 50 HP and 10 FP.
Ultra Shroom + Maple Syrup
Nutty Cake Restores 10 FP.
Potato Salad Restores 10 HP.
Iced Potato
Shroom Cake Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
Cake Mix + Mushroom

Cake Mix + Super Shroom

Shroom Steak Restores 30 HP and 10 FP.
Ultra Shroom

Ultra Shroom + Mushroom Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom Ultra Shroom + Super Shroom Ultra Shroom + Life Shroom Life Shroom + Mushroom Life Shroom + Super Shroom Life Shroom + Dried Shroom

Sleepy Sheep Can make all enemies fall asleep.
Strange Leaf + Blue Berry

Strange Leaf + Red Berry Strange Leaf + Yellow Berry

Spaghetti Restores 6 HP and 4 FP.
Dried Pasta
Special Shake Restores 20 FP.

Melon + Apple Melon + Koopa Leaf Melon + Lime Melon + Lemon Melon + Honey Syrup Melon + Maple Syrup Melon + Strange Leaf Melon + Blue Berry Melon + Red Berry Melon + Yellow Berry Melon + Jammin' Jelly Jammin' Jelly + Apple Jammin' Jelly + Coconut Jammin' Jelly + Honey Syrup Jammin' Jelly + Maple Syrup Jammin' Jelly + Lime Jammin' Jelly + Lemon Jammin' Jelly + Blue Berry Jammin' Jelly + Red Berry Jammin' Jelly + Yellow Berry

Spicy Soup Restores 4 HP and 4 FP.
Fire Flower
Strange Cake Makes Mario electric and transparent; May make him sleepy.
Cake Mix + Strange Leaf
Super Soda Restores 5 FP; Cures Shrinking/Poison.
Honey Syrup

Apple Blue Berry Red Berry Yellow Berry Jammin' Jelly Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup Honey Syrup + Koopa Leaf Lime + Yellow Berry Lime + Red Berry Lime + Blue Berry Lime + Apple Lime + Lemon Lime + Koopa Leaf Lime + Maple Syrup Lemon + Yellow Berry Lemon + Red Berry Lemon + Blue Berry Lemon + Maple Syrup Lemon + Koopa Leaf Lemon + Apple Apple + Yellow Berry Apple + Blue Berry Apple + Red Berry Jammin' Jelly + Koopa Leaf Yellow Berry + Blue Berry Yellow Berry + Red Berry Blue Berry + Red Berry Coconut + Red Berry Coconut + Yellow Berry Coconut + Blue Berry Coconut + Apple Coconut + Melon Coconut + Koopa Leaf

Sweet Shroom Restores 30 HP and 20 FP.
Cake Mix + Life Shroom

Cake Mix + Ultra Shroom

Tasty Tonic Cures Poisoning and Shrinking.

Lemon Bubble Berry Coconut Honey Syrup + Yellow Berry Honey Syrup + Blue Berry Honey Syrup + Red Berry Honey Syrup + Apple Honey Syrup + Lemon Honey Syrup + Lime Honey Syrup + Coconut

Thunder Rage 5 HP damage to all enemies.
Dried Fruit + Volt Shroom
Volt Shroom Electrifies Mario.
Koopa Leaf + Mushroom

Dried Fruit + Mushroom Dried Fruit + Life Shroom Dried Fruit + Super Shroom Dried Fruit + Ultra Shroom

Yoshi Cookie Restores 15 HP and 15 FP.
Cake Mix + Melon
Yummy Meal Restores 20 HP and 20 FP.
Whacka's Bump

Potato Salad + Spaghetti Potato Salad + Hot Shroom Iced Potato + Strange Leaf Ultra Shroom + Iced Potato Ultra Shroom + Egg Ultra Shroom + Fire Flower Ultra Shroom + Dried Pasta Dried Pasta + Dried Fruit Dried Fruit + Iced Potato

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