Fice T.Edit


[1][2]Mario talking to Fice T.Fice T. is the nervous and neurotic guard of Forever Forest in Paper Mario. He wears a dark blue robe and holds a spear in his hand. He insists to Mario that he saw a ghost and is too terrified to do his job and enter the forest to find out where the ghost is coming from. His cowardice is unfitting for his occupation as a guard.

Eventually, Mario goes into Forever Forest to find that the ghost was a Boo named Bootler, the servant of Lady Bow at Boo's Mansion. After defeating Tubba Blubba, Bootler sents Fice T. a letter saying that he will continue scaring him.

If Mario talks to Fice T. with Bow, he will get scared, start shaking, and tell Mario that there is a ghost behind him.

The guard who guards the entrance of Forever Forest from Toad Town. He'd be pretty good at his job if he wasn't so darn afraid of ghosts...

[edit] TriviaEdit

[3] *Fice T. is a pun on Fiesty.

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