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Paper Mario Wiki is website about all of Paper Mario History or object. It is like Nintendo eneyclopedia.

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This tell you all about Paper Mario history and whereabout. With help of RPGC, Wikipedia and Nintendo Wiki so I can do it!

Paper MarioEdit

Mario is the main character in the game, and the only one with a HP. Mario will also be the one who does most of the attacking and healing.

Items: Only Mario can use items. Only one item from the inventory can be used per round, unless the Double Dip or Triple Dip Badge is equipped, then Mario use two or three items per round, respectively.

Jump: Mario can jump on enemies to cause them damage. The jump attacks I can inflict is dependent on the Badges I have equipped. After getting the Lucky Star, Mario can increase his Jump power by pressing "A" just as I land. I can't jump on enemies on the ceiling, but Mario can flip over shelled enemies by jumping on them. And don't let him jump on spiky enemies without a Spike Shield Badge, or fiery enemies without an Ice Power Badge!

Hammer: After I get a hammer, Mario can use it to attack enemies. The hammer attacks I can inflict is dependent on the Badges I have equipped. After getting the Lucky Star, Mario can increase my Hammer power by holding "left" until the three stars are lighted up, then releasing it. Mario can't use his hammer on enemies unless they're in the front, and on the ground. However, Mario can attack fiery and spiky enemies with my hammer without getting hurt.

Star Spirits: I will also be able to summon Star Spirits as I rescue them.

Mario appears on all of Paper Mario Games. And he's hero for all of game he starred.

Sushie AccidentEdit

I accidently typed shshie instead of sushie. Try typing shshie not sushie. My fault. :(

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